2019 December Update

Posted by Lilian Wong (Murray) on


Time close to Christmas really does fly by. Our first batch of Konjac Soap is ready however we still haven't worked out the packaging. Hopefully we can get this ready for sale some time in January but this whole process has definitely been an experience. It's been a whirlwind considering we started this business end of November 2019.

I've also been experimenting with Linden Soap and Nettle Soap recently. Unfortunately this doesn't look promising. Both Jordan and I are suffering some odd allergic reaction to the Linden Soap; and the Nettle Soap not only smells a bit odd but seems a bit strong (eyes sting a little). These may be off the cards however I do love the Linden Soap as a shampoo. My hair has never been so soft and smooth however I'm not too happy with its compilation.

I've also been looking at something for our furry friends. Jordan and I have a lovely Border Collie named Evie. She is the feature model of our dog products and we may have something in the works soon. We mix between taking Evie to the groomers and doing touch ups at home. I'm very keen to try out a bar soap on her as I imagine it to make things slightly easier. 

Yes we personally test all our products so we are able to have some confidence in what we are providing to you. If we wouldn't use it, why would you?

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