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Welcome to the 2020!

I'm sure many of you are excited for what the new year will bring.

Lunar New Year is also coming up so I'm sure it's a busy time for many.

Whilst we enjoyed a slight break during this holiday season, we were still working in the background on our business and can't wait to share.

Konjac Soap

I'm pleased to say I now have this in stock! We have just under 100 pieces ready in Milk and Matcha flavours. We also have extremely limited stock in Rose and Lavender as these are just something we've been playing with. If these flavours strike your fancy please let us know!

Although we finally have some Konjac Soap ready, we have only just finalised our packaging. As you can see we've kept the outer box deceivingly simple. The final product is proposed to have a slide out tray finished with ribbon. If all goes well we hope to be ready to launch mid-end of January.

We also experimented with non-Konjac facial cleansing jelly (pictured above). I loved the beautiful colour and soft texture. This particular ball is made from Tamarind and has a Jasmine flavour. When testing it though I felt it made my skin really dry, clean, but dry which implies it may be too strong so it's back to the drawing board! My mother suggested to sell it anyway as it 'might be good for oily skin'. She means well but if I won't be comfortable selling anything I don't have confidence in. I am definitely confident in Konjac Soap so I am very excited to get this ready for you all.

For those of you who don't know, Konjac Soap was the reason behind this business venture. I travelled to Japan recently and stumbled across Konjac Soap whilst touring Hokkaido. I loved it instantly and brought some back. I then got anxious about getting more when I ran out, but when I looked everywhere I couldn't find it! There were 'Konjac' Sponges everywhere and they seemed to be the latest fad, but who can wait around for sponge to soak and dry? I tried one of these 'sponges' and it didn't seem to have the same result or needed to be used with additional cleanser to be effective (I didn't get the point?).

I then thought, I love this soap so much I want to find a way to share and this is how Happy Raindrop was born. It now has branched out to other products that I 'love' but 'can't find'.

Dog Soap

I'm also happy to say we have well progressed on this and have approximately 1000 pieces in production!

Packaging for this has also been completed so unlike the Konjac delays we will hopefully have this out in the coming weeks. We decided to settle on an aluminium tin although we hope to look at stocking 'refills' at a later date. Aluminium is recyclable but the reason we decided on the tin was that users wanted something to put / store their dog soap. We humans tend to clean ourselves more frequently than our dog counterparts (cats excepted, self grooming is full time) so having a bar of soap in the shower for daily use doesn't seen out of place.

We will be stocking Cinnamon and Oatmeal. We tested Milk and Honey in addition however as a small business starting up, we are trying to be a bit more realistic and start small. This is disappointing for poor Evie as out of the four, she liked Honey best (we let her choose). I couldn't get over how nice Cinammon smelled and Oatmeal is a familiar base to many of you. We hope to bring out the other ones in the future (don't worry Evie!).

Both Cinnamon and Oatmeal soaps are vegan and made of natural ingredients only. The Cinammon is made using real spice and you can see the oats in the Oatmeal variety. Both of these will be pH neutral. What does this mean?

A dog's skin is more alkaline than human skin, which is why they strongly recommend against using human soap on animals. Dog's are actually very close to the pH of pure distilled water, Pure distilled water has a pH rating of 7.0.

Humans tend to be around 5.5, and natural cold pressed soap typically has a pH of 9-10. Now a higher pH isn't bad for us humans as we want to be 'clean' however our furry friends are a lot more sensitive than we are. Some of us are sensitive too, which is why many of us prefer to use gentle soaps or ph balanced products. Why can't our furry friend's have this choice too?

Our soaps are formulated to have a PH of approximately 7.0-7.2, which will mean they can be not only used on dogs, but will be suitable for sensitive skin dogs.

I had Evie's fur buddy Misha test out the Oatmeal and she loved how soft her fur feels! Misha is a Hungarian Vizla with very sensitive skin and grass allergies yet our soap was perfect for her! We were super happy with the results and asked what Misha was using currently?

She was using a known popular brand for sensitive skin but oddly enough when we looked it up, it was stocked everywhere yet no one knew what ingredients it had! Now labelling requirements for pet products is no where near as strict for humans but we found it odd for a product to be so highly promoted, so popular and recommended but it was only willing to share its two active ingredients. A liquid shampoo as well, there was likely surfectants inside for it to maintain its consistency. That didn't sit well with me personally. I have no issues sharing what our soap is made of, I don't have the final list yet as I've tinkered around the formula to remove SLS (the natural additive in almost all soap that makes soap 'sud') as I don't want this potentially irritating our more sensitive fur friends but will have this ready when we launch.

As an all natural product with lower pH, guess who can use it too? I'm not ashamed to admit that once I gave Evie a bath I tried it myself and loved it! My skin felt clean yet still soft and hydrated, I'm definitely a fan now of pH neutral soap. I'm not sure how Evie felt about sharing but I will be getting some for myself!

Natural Soap

This now brings me to Natural Soap. After trying Evie's soap, I decided why can't I get some for myself? I couldn't get over how nice my skin smelled after a shower, especially Cinnamon scented! If you're happy to share (and if your furry friend doesn't mind) that's fine but I had to get some in for myself (especially since it turns out Evie prefers different flavours). These will have SLS though in small quantities to still be close to pH neutral but will be a bit more cleaning for us than animal soap. This is in early works however we hope to stock Cinnamon shortly.

We are also finalising Cocoa Oil (with exfoliants) and Ginseng. Both will be all natural products.

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