End of Financial Year Update

Posted by Lilian Wong (Murray) on

First and foremost apologies for the radio silence. Since we launched mid-may it has been a bit of a roller coaster and a sharp learning curve.

I've never seen myself as particularly tech-savy so I feel like every day brings a new challenge. I've made a few mistakes but I am fumbling through.

But importantly, I want to thank each and every one of you for following our journey and supporting us. We understand these are tough times all around and Happy Raindrop was always meant to be a project to share a wonderful product with the community rather than a rags to riches story (though let's be honest, being able to do this full time would be a dream).

I am still working full time from home however my husband has been stood down indefinitely. In the midst of all this I was pregnant and unfortunately, suffered a hydatifiform mole pregnancy. This was devastating for us as we'd been trying months, and at 6-7 weeks having a detectable heartbeat and no visible issues were blown completely over the water.

But on positive news Happy Raindrop is up and running.

I am learning about 'business domains'.

I am learning about skincare, ingredients and soap.

I am learning about Social Media.

I am also unfortunately learning about 'scammers' and 'trolls'. But from this, I hope to learn from these mistakes.

As an anxiety sufferer and PTSD from DV; Happy Raindrop has been a blessing despite at times not feeling like it. It has given me something to focus on with recent events and makes me confront my fears, and overcome them.

In such an uncertain time it is hard to look forward to many things but I hope together, tomorrow brings a brighter day.

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