It's now spring!

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It's the season of new beginnings and hopefully many of you are enjoying the sunshine. If you are like me and enduring the last weeks of Victoria's Stage 4, lets bunker down and get through this together. Let's CLICK for Victoria!

New season exclusive news!

Our facial sponges are now available in Matcha and Charcoal; and we've extended our range to Konjac Body Sponges!

Like all our products, this change is not without its own story.

I was surprised recently (to what I thought was common knowledge) that both my friends and husband didn't know plastic loofah's should be replaced regularly. Just like a kitchen sponge, they become rife with bacteria.

It's recommended to replace these every two months and every time they get replaced, that's more plastic for the landfill.

So what's the alternative?

First and foremost bar soaps on their own are definitely the greener option, but Konjac sponges are also a great eco-friendly alternative.

Our sponges are made from 100% konjac plant fibre, which means when you're done, you can pop them in the compost (or green bin) just like any other plant material.

Completely natural, konjac sponges were originally used in Japan as a bath sponge for newborn babies!

If, like my husband, you enjoy what he describes as the 'scratchy scrubby feeling' why not try our Coffee Soap?

Our Coffee Soap bars have small pieces of ground coffee beans which provide natural exfoliation.

More new?

Our popular kitty holders now come in Green and Purple. Pink and Blue aren't always for everyone, I know a few purple fans as well as those green with envy.

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