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We hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic. Like many of you, we've been working from home and making do as best we can. When we started Happy Raindrop in November last year we had no idea that 2020 would bring upon such challenges. With the crazy demand for sanitation products, we were pretty sad we wouldn't be ready in time.

I've had friends and family complain about scaly hands from washing constantly, something typical when you are using artificial chemicals or soaps which have to strip away your body's natural oils just to leave them clean.

We do have exciting news though, our soap should be ready this weekend and following some administration (finalising label designs, getting some product photos), will be ready for sale.

Pictured above is our hand / body soap. In red we have Cinnamon, ph 6-7 (human skin is 5.5) which will provide clean hands while being both gentle on skin and leave you smelling like you are on extended Easter break. In yellow we have Ginseng, fantastic for dry skin and can help those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. In blue, coffee bean with ground beans for exfoliating those dead skin cells while leaving you feeling fresh without the caffeine. Of course all of these are 100% natural and as an added benefit, vegan!

We also have ready our Konjac soap and even have a limited quantity of Konjac sponges for those who perhaps want some extra scrub or gentle exfoliating in their skin care regime. We have our usual Milk and Matcha, but also have Rose and Charcoal. These will leave your face feeling clean and soft (we found that using them on your hands has the same effect) so what a way to help those scaly lizard hands, two happy birds there!

Our natural vegan dog soap (Cinnamon and Oats, ph 7) is also ready! We had some sneak peaks last post, the packing is finished and we have beautiful reusable tins to keep them in.

Check back next week, we can't wait to meet you!

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