About Us

Skincare is like exercise, something we know we should do and is good for us but one of those things we just can’t get around to.


How Happy Raindrop started?

I’ve always been pretty lazy with skincare or just beauty in general. Sometimes I pick up on the latest beauty fad and do the whole routine for a week but after that it becomes bathroom clutter.

When I went to Japan I came across Konjac facial cleanser / soap and fell in love. It was easy, simple to use and I didn’t have to do the whole ‘you need to do wash twice a day, use this in the morning, use this at night, use this once a week, every other week do this to see results in 6 weeks’.

My main problem when I got back home was, what do I do if I run out? I couldn’t get this anywhere! This konjac stuff was so amazing, why is no one else onto it?

So Happy Raindrop began. 

Happy Raindrop Facial Cleanser is:

 An all natural plant based facial cleanser.

  • It cleans your face without stripping natural oils and moisture, so if you don’t feel up to it, it can be your entire routine. There’s no need to follow up with other products like moisturiser if you can’t be bothered.
  • pH Balanced, so you can skip the toner to rebalance after cleansing.
  • With this you can use as often or as little as you like, this is easy, simple, lazy skincare.
  • Immediate results, you can feel your skin being soft and smooth after one use.
  • Konjac is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, & E, proteins, lipids, fatty acids and natural minerals such as copper, zinc, iron and magnesium.
  • It’s natural and so gentle on your skin that it’s no tears, no nasty chemicals to burn your eyes if you have an accident washing your face.
  • Better for the environment, no plastic bottles or tubes.
  • We use plastic free packaging, compostable mailers and sustainable tissue paper with soy ink. 
  • Plant based (vegan varieties available).


How Happy Raindrop expanded into dog soap?

My friend had a sensitive skin dog with all sort of allergies and when we were talking about soap during Happy Raindrop’s inception she mentioned this shampoo that ‘the vets recommend’ and is highly rated and super popular, especially for sensitive skin dogs.

So I posed the question, what is in it?

Seemed like an innocent question right? Apparently not. I went online, I looked up the website, I looked up its stockists, I looked high and low and nothing. She went home and checked, the bottle didn’t say. There’s no regulation in Australia about naming ingredients in dog products. That sounded odd to me!

That’s when Happy Raindrop expanded into dog soap / shampoo.

Our Dog Soap is:

 Ph Neutral (around 7-7.2). A dog’s skin is 6.5 to 7.5 while human skin is around 4.7 to 5.7. The pH of pure water is 7 and natural cold pressed soaps typically have a pH as high as 9-10. At this rating not only is it great for your dog’s skin but is a great option for human skin too.

  • Similar to our facial cleanser, this means it cleans without stripping natural oils and moisture leaving soft conditioned fur.
  • All natural, vegan ingredients that we are not afraid to list on our products.
  • Easy to use all in one, no fiddling with plastic pumps or tubes. Just pop it into your hand and use it to lather your dog’s fur and rinse off with water.
  • Smells amazing and we have an Oatmeal variety which can sooth irritated skin however both (Cinnamon and Oatmeal) can suit sensitive skin dogs. You can see the Oatmeal flakes in the soap.
  • No plastic packaging, reusable tin. We can also customised the tin to have your dog’s name (or yours if you wish to)

 How Happy Raindrop extended into body soap?

This was the easy part, we loved the dog soap so much why couldn’t we use it too?

Our natural body soap is:

  • Ph Neutral for human skin 6-7.
  • All natural vegan ingredients.
  • Ingredients that not only smell amazing, ones you can see (Coffee granules visible and great for exfoliating, Ginseng infused herbal soap, Cinnamon soap using real oil not artificial fragrance).
  • Each soap comes with free soap bag (to be used in place of loofahs and/or to hang soap in the shower).