Ginseng Soap

Ginseng Soap

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Ginseng is well known as a traditional medicine however not only is it good for your health, it does wonders for your skin as well.

It helps maintain skin elasticity and is an antioxidant, lengthening the lifespan of skin cells. Ginseng can boost your skin's circulation, ramping up production of collagen and with skin balancing anti-inflammatory properties, helps quell redness and puffiness from skin conditions like acne. Ginseng also calms the skin which can provide relief for those with psoriasis and eczema.

With all natural ingredients and a pH of between ~7-8, Happy Raindrop Ginseng soap is great for those with sensitive skin. Our body soap also comes with complimentary soap mesh bag. 

80g Bar *Note* each bar may vary slightly than as pictured. The piece of root inside naturally differs from bar to bar

Ingredients: Coconut oil, almond oil, glycerin, grape seed oil, natural essential oil, ginseng.